Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That's more like it!!!

The weather that is. The sun was up when we awoke this morning. We only used a bit of wood in the upstairs fireplace and a bit downstairs.
Cliff told me that Spring is now surely here ☺ he heard the frogs croaking really loud last night. We also saw the swallows come around yesterday to check out the Condo situation. They usually do that each year, make an appearance and then come back about 2 weeks later. I guess they are now looking around for a good mortgage rate. We have 2 swallow houses on our garage but usually only one is occupied. We think the reason for that might be that one of them had an old rat's nest inside when we got them from a friend. Cliff cleaned that out but there might be something in the wood that the swallows don't like. The next year some yellow jackets had made a nest in there. Not good either. This year Cliff took it apart and scrubbed and painted it. Now we have to see if we can accommodate 2 swallow families. I hope so because they really clean up on the insects that like to feast on our veggies in the garden.
We went on an early shopping trip to Duncan. On the way we stopped at the Old Farm Market and bought apples, oranges and different vegetable. One type of apple we had never seen. They are called "Golden Aurora" We bought some of those to try. Are they ever nice and juicy. We'll buy some more when we get to the store again.
Cliff walked up Cobble Hill Mountain again. Wish I could go with him, but my knees don't like that at all.
Here is one of the pictures he took today.
While he was gone I read some more. The book I am reading is "Any Known Blood" by Lawrence Hill.
Here is what Joyce Carol Oates writes about it:
It is a remarkable achievement. Here is an immensely readable novel, populated with sympathetic yet realistic characters. It deals sensitively, yet often humorously, with one of the most compelling issues of our time in North America - the ever-shifting, ever-problematic relationship between the races. Lawrence Hill is a wonderfully talented writer, and "Any Known Blood' will be one of the talk-of novels of the year"
I am half way through and really like it.
Back to reading!
Good night everybody ☺

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  1. Howdy Vera, What are those white things in the sky in that picture that Cliff took yesterday when he climbed Cobble Hill mountain??? We don't have those in Alberta!!