Monday, March 22, 2010

Laundry Day

When I woke up this morning we had breakfast and I lounged around in my housecoat because I had an appointment later at 10.30 for a mammogram.
I wanted to be fresh for that ordeal and not take a shower too early. All of a sudden Cliff asked "Don't you do laundry today?" I totally forgot about that. Looks like I can only have one thought in my head ☺ I quickly gathered all dirty laundry and started it at once. Luckily I did not have too much.
After my appointment I came right back to make lunch.
Cliff went for his walk up the mountain again and took some really nice pictures.
DSC01953 [HDTV (720)]

This is a downed tree. The stick in front of it is his walking stick. From that you can see how big that old tree is. Too bad we don't have very many of that size standing.
DSC01957 [HDTV (720)]
For the first time this year I worked in the garden.
The herb bed needed weeding badly and I am happy to say that it is now weed free. It probably won't stay that way for long. The egg plum tree is in bloom and Cliff has seen some of our Orchard Mason bees flying. Hopefully they will pollinate that tree. Last year we did not have very many plums. Maybe this year!
That's it for today.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. I hate those mammograms and am so glad when they are over for another year.

  2. I taught my husband how to push and turn that button on the washing machine and yesterday as Nicki and I went shopping all day, he did all the laundry,

  3. Laundry!!!! Ahhhh hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!