Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A great Tuesday

The weather was very nice again. I went with my friend to bottle some wine and shop for a few groceries and came back just in time to warm up some Chilli. We had a nice salad with that. Some days it is great to just have a quick lunch especially when I have been out in the morning.
Cliff worked in the garden cutting out most of the blackberry bushes. They are trying to take over the garden fence and make too much shade later on in the summer.
After lunch he worked on that for another hour and then we went for a walk. He figured I might be able to climb up the mountain for awhile. It was a steady climb but not too steep. I did not get to the top but I think I enjoyed it anyhow. Here are a few pictures.

Just look at the holes the woodpeckers pecked. I have never seen them so big.
DSC01959 [HDTV (720)]

and these are the woodchips that are under the tree. That must have been some bird!!
DSC01961 [HDTV (720)]

We walked around the garden when we came home and here are the lonely 3 daffodils with rhubarb on the side. 
DSC01967 [HDTV (720)]

This is our Orchard Mason Bee colony. Cliff keeps making more houses because they fill them so fast. I am so glad we have them because there is hardly a honey bee around and the egg plum tree is in bloom. (See picture above)

DSC01968 [HDTV (720)]

We will now watch TV. "Frontiers of Construction" Global warming and flooding in the North Sea.
During that I will have to take quick peaks at another channel to keep track of the curling game between USA and Canada. So far Canada has won all 6 games they played. USA won 5 out of 6. I am sure this will be very interesting.

Good night everybody ☺


  1. The new header picture is lovely.

    What kind of game is curling? I've watched hurling (in Ireland), but don't think I've ever heard of curling.

  2. Hi Gypsy,
    Have a look at this website, it will explain it better than I could.
    I used to do it one winter but it is cold on the ice and I don't like cold ☺ Besides that I was not good at it.

  3. Howdy Vera, very lovely pictures, I am glad you have a flowering tree as your heading, even some green grass like I see is amazing, as I'll have to water for at least a week to get the grass to be that color, I forgot what color it was supposed to be, until I saw your pictures, thank you for the visual.,.,.,.,,.,Your southern Alberta correspondent.,.,.,.