Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nice Sunday

When we woke up this morning I was surprised to see that it was 19C in the house and 8C outside. I think that was the warmest night we had since heating season started. We only had a small fire again today. Great...that way we save on firewood.
This afternoon we spent at our friend's place. As usual we had a good time. Lots of ideas were floating around. This time we had hot dogs as a snack and great brownies. It was very yummy.
As usual the ladies had some wine and the gents a beer.
Cliff went up to Cobble Hill mountain again for his exercise. He certainly is in better shape than I am.
Now I will watch my favourite curling "Team Canada" they are up against Norway in the World Women's Curling Championship in Swift Current, Sask. So far they had 2 Draws and won both of them. Hope they keep up the record ☺
So I better say
Good night everybody ☺


1 comment:

  1. Hope your curling team did well for you today! That is a very interesting sport and I always enjoy watching it during the Olympics.

    Glad your spring is arriving! Have a great week ahead.