Monday, November 9, 2009

2 kinds of beans

Today our home grown beans were finally dry enough to be shelled. We grow Appaloosa beans that are strictly used for dry beans and Blue Lake beans that are great when fresh but we usually have lots that get away on us and when they are too big they get stringy and are not good for cooking. Shelling beans is a tedious job but we now have 2 pounds of Appaloosa beans and 1 pound of Blue Lake beans. They will taste great in bean soup this winter.
We got up pretty late this morning and instead of going shopping early we waited until after lunch. Even the laundry did not all get done. We needed milk badly because we started to have a cup of hot chocolate in the afternoon so we combined all our shopping and afterwards visit our ailing friend again. He seems to be quite a bit better. We got home just in time to watch the News on TV. 
Now comes a bit of computer time for both of us. I don't know what we would do if we only had one computer!!! I am sure a lot of you can understand that. So many times I turn to the Internet and Google to learn about things and facts I hear about. My first computer was a laptop with 2 GB hard drive and 32 Mb RAM and it cost $ 2450.00.  I have more GB than that on a flash drive now and I own 5 of them :-). How times change !!! 
We have not graduated to a cell phone yet. So far I really don't see the need for one. I will probably change my mind on that if we ever fly South again. I like the idea of the "Tracfone" that Wandering Willy talks about in his Blog. I would like to find something similar that works in Canada. I am sure it is out there, but I have not really looked into it . I also wonder if WW can phone to Canada with the phone he has???
Time to quit writing.
Good night everyone.


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  1. Yes Vera;I've phoned Canada with my Tracfone with no problem,in fact you can phone all over the world.But you cant use it outside of the US.
    At Home I have an old Telus cell phone that I pay an automatic 10 bucks a month on pay and talk.I've built up an obscene amount of minutes but its just an insurance policy that I keep in the truck.In fact I cant even get a cell signal where I live,so its just for travel around Canada.