Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Shopping Day

I cannot believe we went shopping again today. I don't like shopping but sometimes it has to be done. It took us more than 2 hours to go to Farmer's Market, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart  and Superstore. Not too bad for timing.
Luckily the weather was nice and the roads were dry.
This morning I went the other direction to Mill Bay with a friend to go to the library and afterwards we had a great cup of coffee in Shawnigan Lake, my second cup for the day, which is very unusual.

square mast

This is the mast configuration of the catamaran we had on the ocean in Indonesia. As you can see the mast is square and the rings that haul up the main sail are round. That made for all kinds of situations that were not conductive to smooth sailing. On the other hand sometimes it was the operator that was at fault. One time we did not tie the proper knot and off came the sail and someone had to climb the 52 ft mast. Not me, by golly! We hired a young boy at the wharf and for 1000 Rupiah (about 1 US$) he was up that mast so quick (barefoot) it made our heads spin. It was amazing. We also saw some of the boys climb up coconut palms barefoot as if they were walking along a board walk.

Mast climber

The next picture is early in the morning sailing I should say motoring up the Malili river out to the ocean. We had to take a certain course because the river is very shallow with several sand banks. On both shores were beacons that we had to head for. Sometimes the sand banks shifted and we would get stuck. Not a good thing in a river that is home to crocodiles. We only saw one once.
One time we got stuck and Cliff actually had to go into the river and drag the catamaran along until it floated again. I kept a sharp eye out for visitors :-) It felt like he was Humphrey Bogart in the movie "The African Queen".

down the river

We always had a good time.
Good night to all. Sleep well!

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  1. Personally, I prefer shopping alone because I can get everything done in a fraction of the time it takes when both of us go.