Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baking day

We ran out of bread and I had to bake again. When I started the flour mill it only worked for a minute and then quit. Remember...last time  I had tried to grind flax seed together with the wheat. I thought I had the problem rectified but not so. I ended up starting the mill about 10 times, it stopped, I dug out more caked together flax seed meal and started it again. In the meantime I had wheat kernels rolling around the floor. It was a pretty mess but I finally got it straightened out. The bread turned out great. I have baked bread for nearly 50 years, so I should know how to do it I guess.
After it was all done I was free to go shopping and to go to the library.
I had ordered the book "Teach yourself Microsoft  Windows 7 visually" by Paul McFedries and it finally came. Actually I am the first person to receive this book since it is brand spanking new. It looks interesting and now I can hardly wait until I need a new computer that has this OS. I am sure there are people that really need the book since they already have  Windows 7, so I will take it back and I will order it again when I really need it. (Hopefully soon :-)
It was another nice day and the road was dry. So far I have no complaints about the weather even when it rains. We need it!
I wish you all a good night.

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  1. Good tip on the Windows 7 learning book. We'll keep that in mind for when we make the switch.....whenever that is.