Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, start of the week

and it is still raining. A very good time to stay home by the fire. Hmmmmmmmm why then did we go to town AGAIN ???
There were just too many good deals in the flyers this week, so we took advantage of them. Gas has dropped a few cents so we fuelled the car too also Cliff bought the parts he needed to put the old white Honda together.  Now hopefully this will be the last time for awhile that we go shopping although the library emailed the arrival of "The book of Negros" . I will get that tomorrow.
While we were getting gas I thought of a time when we were camped at Oxbow by Palo Verde, CA on the Colorado River. We were on one of our morning walks when we met an old fellow who had run out of gas. He wanted to buy the 5 gallons of gas we always have in the back of the truck. Cliff went and got it and poured it into the old guy's truck.  Well, he was "just" short of money and would "see" us later that week. It was quite some time but he eventually arrived not with money but with a bunch of toilet paper. I wonder where he got that ???? Another time we were in Mexico when a young couple stopped us by holding out a gas can and a hose. No money there either :-) but at least we did a good deed. We ran out of gas only one time in all our travels and it was great to have that jerry can in the back. It took us to the next service station. We would not have run out of gas if the roads had not been rerouted by Lenwood, CA. It was the first year after they fixed up the roads in that area.
My thoughts are going to all the snowbirds that are now in the warm weather, oh how I envy them!!!
For now I will say good night


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  1. We carry spare gas as well & the only time I used it was 3 years ago while pulling a 5th wheel. Gas guage was bouncing off empty so stopped about 20 miles south of Quartzite & added gas. We made it. Have had to add fuel twice though when motorhome was down to a quarter tank & the generator ran out of gas:((