Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catching Fish

As I mentioned in an earlier Blog we used to spend a lot of weekends in Indonesia on our Catamaran on the ocean. When we first bought our share of it nobody did any fishing. That changed as soon as Cliff was one of the owners. He fished all the time and caught loads of fish.
Here is a large Spanish Mackerel
Mackerel Cliff

While we were reeling in the fish a shark or Barracuda would get hold of the fish and only left us with the head. We could always tell if it was a shark or Barracuda who was the culprit because a Barracuda would rip off the body of a fish while a shark bite looks like the body had been severed with a cookie cutter, no ragged edges.
Darn Barracuda!!!
Cliff and head 

One day our friend had what felt like a large fish on the line. He was playing it for nearly an hour before we finally were able to see it. It turned out to be a turtle but we still had to net it because we needed our lure back since we could not buy any in our little village. They were only available in Jakarta or Singapore.

We got our lure and let the turtle go again. When the local fellow who looked after our boat heard about that he was sorry that we did not bring it back since apparently they love to eat turtles, better than Kerbau (the local Beef) he said.
We used to give this fellow all the fish heads and lots of whole fish.

This is a Yellow fin Tuna

Yellow fin tuna

I loved to eat Yellow fin tuna and Spanish Mackerel and with catching so many we had fish several times a week. The maid and garden boy had their fill too. The maid cooked separately for herself and the garden boy and I found out why when I tried some of their food, my breath was on fire. I can eat spicy hot stuff but that was way too much.
I would really love to eat some of that fish again.

More about the fishing some other time.
Have a good night !  

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  1. When I lived in ireland people often brought me fish, but mainly the small stuff, and the mackerel wasn't anything like your pictures. But seafood is good wherever you get it.