Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silver Lining

When I had my shower this morning I thought of a silver lining to having to stay at home instead of being a snowbird in Arizona. That's it!!! A great, long and hot shower with all my toilet articles close at hand. Not having to go out of my abode and maybe having to wait for somebody to vacate the shower etc. or taking a shower in the 5th wheel, having to make it short so not to use too much water. We mostly boondocked, so water was in short supply. We always started out with 12 milk jugs full of water and as time went by we got more and more of those as we used up our milk. All the jugs were kept in our bathtub and had to be taken out before we could take a shower. Every time we went shopping we took all the empties and filled them up wherever we could find a tap that was not padlocked :-)
That said I still wish I was down there in the sun :-) but maybe I should quit whining there are good times here too.
Today we had quite a bit of rain but also some sun. From my living room window I can see towards the West where most of our weather comes from and at one time the sun was shining but the sky was black. I figured that anything that had to be done outside would have to be done really quickly. I no sooner thought that when the heavens opened up and a real downpour came. It did not last long and then the sun came out again.
For the first time in ages we have quite a puddle at the end of our driveway. I sure feel for the people that live in the areas that are flooded at the moment.
That's all for tonight. Have a great evening everybody


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