Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More about fishing

While we were on the ocean we saw lots of local fishermen catching fish from their fishing platforms like the one below

Fishing platform

They fished a lot at night by having a light in the middle of the platform and scooping up the fish that came to the light.
Other times they set off a charge which stunned the fish and then they could also scoop them up. Not my idea of fishing but it got results for them.

We once hooked into a great big grouper. We thought we had a keeper when that grouper showed up instead. We were so stunned that we did not even take time to run for the camera. It had the lure in it's mouth and swam from the side to the back of the catamaran. It was as long as the catamaran was wide, 13 ft. We certainly could not do anything with that big of a fish. After a little while of watching us it spit the lure out and went on it's way. It was the biggest fish I have ever seen.
We were always glad when we got our lures back.

Here is a sailfish that some of the locals caught.


This is a sucker fish. The flat part of the head is attached to one of the bigger fish.


Here is a another big mackerel


We left Canada in 1981 and came back in 1985.  Of course all my pictures were taken with a film camera and have to be scanned into the computer and since they are in little albums in a shopping bag finding the right ones is pretty hard to do.

I will call it a day now. Good night.

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  1. I'm glad to find someone else whose method of storing photos began with a good sturdy shopping bag! What fun to sit down with the shopping bag or shoebox and go through the old pictures. That can't ever be duplicated by looking at the pictures on computer screen.