Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soup's ON !!

I spent this afternoon making the soup stock from the 2 stewing hens I bought yesterday. I used 4 cups of it and made a chicken soup with lots of veggies, potatoes and some noodles. It tastes great. I am freezing the rest in portions for later use.
That done it will be the last time for stewing hens. Nothing wrong with the end result BUT I kept thinking that probably those poor hens spent their whole life in a cage pumping out eggs and ingesting lots of hormones and what  knows else. I am sure that the frying chicken I buy gets doses of that too but they don't live as long and probably don't get as much of the nasty stuff. Anyway, it will make me feel better about chicken soup after this lot of stock is used up This is just my opinion and I am sticking to it :-)
It was another day of rain and dry spells. I had a chance to go shopping again but I am all "shopped out". I enjoy cooking so it was a good afternoon.
I read on the 50plus forum that Susan Boyle will be on "Dancing with the Stars" tonight. I think I will record that program tonight and watch it sans commercials later. I really liked her singing.
I just downloaded and installed 7 updates for my Windows Vista. It needed a restart and I am glad I saved this Blog first. I'd hate to have to write it again.

That's all folks, have a great evening


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  1. I used to be on 50+ up till a few years ago. Went by the name of Stargazer. I lost intereset when they were having a lot of problems with some wing nut & a lot of people seemed to be feuding all the time. Maybe it's changed by now but I haven't been back for quite awhile. Joined the Zoomers site when it first started up a couple years ago too but it just wasn't taking off so I bailed out of that one too. I like forums but do not like chat rooms. I never go in them!!