Friday, November 6, 2009

Rain, Sun, Rain and so on

That was today's theme. Of course I stayed in the house except to go to the mail box twice, once for the local papers that come out on Fridays and the next time for the mail. Too bad there was only advertising in the box. Mind you it was for wine tasting and a massage. Hmmmm that sounds pretty good.
Cliff started his stove in the garage/workshop to work in there in reasonable comfort and also worked in the back property  when it was not raining. It seems the water is rising in the ponds on either side of our property, so we keep an eye on that.
It sure is getting dark early now. Time to bring out the candles. I really like candle light.
I have a pet peeve.. Lots of people don't like advertisement flyers in the local paper and take them out and leave them in the newspaper  box with the rest of the papers. They also throw stuff they don't like from their mail boxes into these newspaper boxes. I wonder why they think that somebody else is supposed to clean up their garbage????????? Makes me irritable.
I spent quite a bit of time at the computer and also did some house cleaning which is not my favourite thing but it has to be done. At times like this I wish I was back in Indonesia where I did not do the housework myself :-). On the other hand it would not be a good place to be with all the unrest in that part of the world.
I hope everybody has a nice weekend.
Good night


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  1. Yes, that housework gets me down too. Somehow Kelly seems to beat me to it all the time but occasionally I'm able to outfox her & do some of it myself.....well, sometimes:))