Sunday, November 22, 2009

Company coming!

We had a great afternoon with our friends. Lots of good conversation, food, a glass of wine (or 2) and a beer for the fellows (or 2). We try to get together on Sunday afternoons if other commitments don't interfere.

It was great to read Al's Blog this morning. I like his description of Bisbee very much. On our first trip South we passed through there but only stopped at the mine and the gift shop attached to it. What a shame we did not see anything else.
We travelled with another couple and were desperate to get to the good weather. We were headed to Florida. As it turned out it was the winter the area of Homestead froze up exactly at Christmas. We camped at a little waterhole called Monument Lake on the Tamiami Trail Hwy 41 in Florida. When we arrived in the area the mosquitoes almost ate us alive, it was not pleasant at all. Then the big frost came and that took care of the mosquitoes. Unfortunately it also killed a lot of the vegetation and quite a few of the orange trees. That area had not experienced a hard frost like that for a long time. It was also very humid and we were not used to that. At night it felt like we climbed into beds made with linen that came directly from the washing machine. Not a pleasant feeling. That was the only winter we spent in Florida. From then on it was Arizona or Mexico all the time.  
We met some very nice people at that camp and that made the stay very pleasant. Cliff even swam in the little lake but we had to have a look-out because it was the home of several alligators. We had seen them come up once in awhile, so caution was warranted. The people we met had a swamp buggy and took us for rides in the Everglades. Later on we visited them at their camp on the Kissimmee Lake where they had a houseboat and a bass boat. None of them were working and Cliff was able to get the motors going. We had a great time with those toys. I like remembering those days.
For tonight I'll say good bye and have a good week.


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