Thursday, November 19, 2009

More and more rain


We really had enough rain I think. I cannot remember a time when our driveway was as soggy as it is today. We could have used a bit of that last summer. At that time we were praying for rain and did not get it. On the other hand the forest really needed the rain so we should be thankful after all.
When we lived in Indonesia we had a deluge every afternoon. The rain came down as if poured from buckets. When we first moved there the road in front of our house was not paved and made of red earth and the water looked like blood flooding the whole area. The rain only lasted for about 20 minutes and then it was sunny again and about an hour later the road was dusty again. Because of that red dust all our clothes had a red tinge to it.
Our house was built on stilts because of the many earthquakes that area gets all the time. Sometimes at a dinner with our friends the house started to shake and everybody around the table, sometimes 18 of us, would stop eating and drinking and wait until all was quiet again. Sometimes the house shook pretty violently and it was scary but we were lucky all the time we were there. Nothing bad happened.
The first picture is the front of our house and the second one the back. Lots of stairs to climb.
front of house
back of house

We had a large screened-in deck which we used most of the time. When the rains came we could not see out because it came down in sheets.
One of our neighbours had a Sulawesi Ape as a "pet". It was tied up to a tree in their backyard, no fences though. Well one day this guy broke his leash and I just happened to be downstairs by our house. The Ape saw me and came charging towards me, showing his teeth. Let me tell you I never ran up a set of stairs as quickly as I did that time. I was just able to throw the screen door shut when it stood outside flashing it's teeth at me. I was just hoping it did not know that one big heave and he would be inside. He did not and I was safe.
and here he is:

Sulawesi ape

Time to say good night.

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  1. Wow, having an ape nearby would be much more scary than the bears that occasionally came by my place in the North Carolina mountains.