Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cookies to go

Today I baked cookies because Cliff will be getting wood tomorrow if the faller was able to fall the trees today. It might not have been possible because we had some wind. We are always happy to get more wood and cookies are my contribution, lucky me.
We had some thunder and lightening yesterday and as a precaution I shut the computers off. Later on we heard on the local News that 300 houses had to be evacuated in the town of Duncan which is about 20 km from us. My heart goes out to the people. That area of Duncan  is on a flood plain so People expect a certain amount of flooding but this was much more than usual.
The water is over the banks of the Shawnigan river down the road from us too but so far no house had water inside. Our house is much higher and will not be affected. It did not rain all that much today so maybe the waters will go down quickly. .
Today we had to vote for or against the major renovation to our existing Arena plus the addition of a pool at the facility. It will be interesting to see which side could get the vote out. It would be a major tax increase for the residents.
We just got word that not all the trees were fallen today, so Cliff will wait for a few days. Now we have to eat the cookies!!! :-)
Good night everyone.


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