Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nice weather again

We have been very lucky with the weather. Lots of sunshine today again. Must have been because our "sunshine" Sonja had a birthday :-) Too bad she lives so far away and we would have to brave the Coquihalla Highway to visit her. This way a phone call had to do the trick.
Talk about trick... Just the same as happened several years in a row, no little tricksters came to visit yesterday. I am only glad that I only bought a small bag of little chocolate bars since I am the one who has to eat them all !! No problem though and they were all gone before the night was out.
I was very busy yesterday doing what I love to do: READ. I had another good book and could not tear myself away.
This afternoon we had company and as usual had a good time. I baked an apple cake this morning and when I measured the flour I had to remember the time we lived in Indonesia. Most of the expats bought their flour in 1 kg cans that were brought over from USA and cost about $ 12.-- per can. I on the other hand baked all our bread and you can imagine how much a loaf would have cost so I bought my flour in the local market which only cost a fraction of the canned stuff. The problem was that it sometimes contained weevils that had to be sifted out.  We had a really fine sieve that the maid used to sift out those little critters when I brought the flour home.. Then when I came to bake I re-sifted it and am sure I got them all. The bread was great. Most people did not want to buy that flour because of the weevils and thought I was crazy for doing that. On the other hand they bought bread that was baked locally!!!! I don't think the bakers sifted anything, do you ?  So where did the critters go ????????????
We are having a great big moon today and I better go and howl at it :-)
Good night everyone.


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  1. Hello Mom! Just a tip for your faithful followers....when you are reading a book, please provide the author and title! A short review of the book once read would also be appreciated. Thanks!