Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping Again

I cannot believe we went shopping again! Usually we only go once or twice a week but this week it seems we went every day.
It rained again today so shopping was not a bad thing to do since Cliff could not work in the garden. I also had to go to the library to pick up another book. Yesterday I ordered a book from the library. "The Book of Negros" by Lawrence Hill. It is a no. 1 bestseller. I am No. 138 on the waiting list so it will be awhile before I can read the book. I saw it at a friend's house and it looked really interesting, similar to "Roots". I don't know if it is a true story or not.
While we were out we swung by our sick friend and I am happy to say that he is feeling better but far from well. He will be 85 years old next March, so it takes a little while longer to heal. He was very happy to see us since he is getting pretty bored. Before he got sick he was always working at something. Boredom hits people that are usually busy the quickest.
Our apples are particularly nice this year. Every day at about 10 AM we sit by the fire and eat an apple each. We have done that for years. Thankfully our apples will last until they are all gone, almost into Spring. They were supposed to be an early apple when we bought the tree but turned out to be a very late one and a great keeper. We certainly won't complain.
I was looking for some black pumpernickel bread in all the grocery stores I visited and could not find it. Today I found it at Thrifty's in Mill Bay. When one has looked for so long, it's a big deal finding it :-)
That's all for tonight. Hope you all have a nice evening.


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  1. Vera,
    I just read Book of Negros. After all the hype, I found it to be just an OK book. No where near the gripper that was Roots.