Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Installed new keyboard and mouse

No problem with the installation and I really like both except for the space bar, which makes a noise. I might go back to London drugs and find out if that is normal. If not I’ll see if they will exchange it. I was in the kitchen next to the computer room and tried the keyboard out by clicking on the media button and when I got back in the computer room windows media player was up. How cool is that!! Except I cannot see the monitor, so it’s dumb to do :-) I was just wondering how far away the keyboard could reach.

Today I will stick close to home. No shopping. I have to sort out the meat that is in the freezer. I don’t want to buy too much since I ordered a new frost-free upright freezer from Sears for the utility room. It will arrive on Oct. 23. I ordered it early September and gave them my MasterCard number. From the MasterCard site I saw that Sears  posted it the very same day. That upset me because Sears will have their money over a month before I get my freezer. I don’t think that is right. Next time I will order and only pay when I receive the goods. If that is not possible I shall buy someplace else. I don’t mind a down payment but not the whole ball of yarn.

I am not sure what do do with the old freezer, most likely it will go to Freecycle.

Last Sunday I tried a recipe for French Bread that I had for a long time but never used. It turned out very well. That will be my recipe of choice if I want French Bread. Normally I use a lot of whole wheat in my bread but once in awhile a French loaf is great.

We usually watch TV News at 5 PM  on CheckTV . I just saw today that they have News on from 12 Noon, repeating all the time. I wonder if that is just a transition  for the new owners that bought the station. Maybe later  the programs will normalize.

I did not take any pictures today, so here is another cartoon.

Good night :-)



  1. Vera....I'm beginning to think I may have 2 Vera's mixed up here. Are you the same Vera who had suggested some boondocking sites for us last winter somewhere between Blyth California & Quartzite Arizona?? All this blogger stuff & contacts sure can get a bit confusing after awhile. It's quite a daily male challenge to keep everything straight but I love it.........:))

  2. Yes Al, that was me. From what I hear from my friends that area is getting very popular and maybe not what you would like although it is a large area. We used to camp across from where everybody is now but that part is not open any longer. Too bad because it was a great spot with very few people.