Friday, October 23, 2009

New Freezer

Early September I ordered a new frost free upright freezer. Our old one was "only" 33 years old and was on it's last leg. Well, it finally came today and Cliff picked it up in Duncan. In the meantime I moved the clothes dryer out of the way but I did not want to empty the old freezer yet just in case something did not work out with the new one. Well, everything went just great and I now have the frozen food transferred to the new freezer. No more defrosting of a freezer like in the last 33 years, Yippeeeee
In the process I found a laundry basket full of stuff from 2006. 7 and 8. Gosh, it's funny how that stuff can hide. It is now all on the compost heap. When I think of the effort and time it took both of us to grow and process the food we just threw out, it makes me sad and I have resolved to not let it happen again. (I hope)
This is the time when many people are getting ready to fly South and we should be on our way to Arizona but for several years now we had to stay home because we cannot get additional medical insurance for a pre-existing ailment . We both feel great so that is doubly hard but staying in a hospital in the US without insurance is not an option we are willing to chance. So we stay home, sleep in our nice beds, take hot showers and do the laundry in our own house. Slim consolation, but that is what I am telling myself :-) I am only glad that we have been snowbirds since 1989, so we had a good run of it already and have so many great memories.
I wish everybody who is flying South a very good journey without problems and a safe return.

Good night
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  1. Hey I have the same freezer in my basement, it was a compromise, we had a chest freezer, and it was in the garage, so now this is in my new laundryroom with our new washer and dryer, our washer was almost 30 years old, Roy bought it when his daughter was a new baby. I love the freezer, except that Frank was down and left two huge salmon for Mom...grr messing up my nice neat
    Oh well, and yes we have applied for all rebates...
    Oh and of course our TV died during all the renovations...and the upstairs toilet, so we were smart and replaced it with a handicapped toilet, much higher and water efficent...
    Now we need to plan a holiday...somewhere warm...
    Nice to read about all your goings on
    Take Care
    Love Ro-Lynda