Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Haicut today


It was about time. I went to my appointment early this morning. Lots of people on the road. I figured that after 9 AM traffic would ease up but I must have hit a bad time. It was sunny and warm and still a nice drive.

I don’t like going anywhere in the morning because I don’t have enough time to concentrate. We usually have our big meal at noon hour so I do quite a bit of cooking in the morning. Today I used my new George Foreman grill. We had pork tenderloin. That grill sure does a good job. It took about 2 years for me to make up my mind to buy it and I am happy I finally did. It is only a small one but for 2 people big enough.

This afternoon Cliff picked up another load of wood and I helped him to throw it off the truck. It should keep us nice and warm. Of course I would rather be in Arizona sitting around a camp fire. We had some good times telling stories while our backsides froze and the fronts were boiling. Someone told us about using an old frying pan, adding hot coals to it and sliding the pan under our chairs. It worked great until I noticed that the cord on my chair started to melt. I caught it just in time and with a bit of extra cord welded in I am still using it. The frame is not too good any longer but I hate to give it up since it is my favourite chair.



Palo Verde Stump we called our “chimneys”

Palo Verde chimney

I enjoy the memory of the good times we have had but now I say

Good night

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  1. That old frying pan trick kind of gives new meaning to...'hot seat!!'