Friday, October 2, 2009

A fire in the fireplace

When I got up a little earlier than normal it was only 16C in the house, so we finally broke down and had a nice fire in the fireplace. Later on the sun came out and it was almost too warm in the house. It reminded me of mornings in Arizona when we would have a fire and huddled around it. Most of the time there was the knowledge that it would warm up if we waited long enough.

We also had a catalytic heater in the 5th wheel that would keep us warm. We boondocked most of the time and did not want to use electricity to run the furnace. Our small generator was used very seldom since we had solar panels that looked after everything very well.

I finally went shopping this afternoon. Sometimes a week or more passes before I get to it. Years ago I loved to shop but not any longer so now I wait until I have to do a lot and get it done in one trip, although I still have to take another trip into the “big” town of Duncan. Lately we have a lot more shops there and I find it unnecessary to drive further than that.

For the rest of the evening I shall take it easy :-)

fireplace 002 cropped

Trailer 10.6 001 [50%]

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  1. Looks like a nice roaring fire you've got going there! We've had ours on the last few mornings too - although it's natural gas so it's pretty easy.