Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Day Today

Just to learn how to do it I added a site meter to my Blog. It’s a pitiful count but I wanted the learning curve. I always like to learn new things on the computer and I have to try until I succeed. Sometimes that leads to disaster but on the whole I do OK.

Just went up the road to get the mail. I wore a jacket with a double zipper. I hate those things!! They are so hard to open again. I have one of those on an expensive Jacket that I now hardly wear because of that zipper. One time I had to work on it for a long time and that is the last time I wore it. I am not good at sewing in zippers otherwise I would alter that. This is my beef for today.

With everybody getting ready to fly South I have been thinking of our last winter there. It was 2004 to 2005. That was the time when it was very wet down there and we came home earlier than expected because it was just to damp for our liking. It was also the winter that I had my first digital camera. I must have taken thousands of pictures. I talked to one of the girls that worked at the Beacon service station on Tom Wells Road she said that she lived there many years and had never seen the area so full of flowers. We felt really privileged to be able to see that.

The area of Tom Wells Road North of Interstate10 was one of my favourite spots. There used to be a gravel pit and it was worked once in awhile for a couple of weeks every year. Luckily we were up-wind from there and were not bothered with dust. They also ran a water wagon all the time to keep the dust down. Because of this that road was kept in pretty good shape and we had no problem getting to our site. Jan. 2005 they hauled all the equipment out and now the road will be in disrepair. There is no more camping on that side of Tom Wells road and the Beacon service station has been razed and a new Texaco Station built. I have not seen that since we have not been there afterwards.

Every morning we walked to the Beacon Station to use the pay phone for our Pocketmail We did not have cell phones or Satellite Internet so that was a good alternative. I cannot imagine people using that any longer.

This is getting too long, so I will call it a day.

Good bye for now.


  1. I have zero tolerance for jacket zippers as well. Have noticed there seems to be variations in people's comment sections. It's really easy to miss scrolling all the way down once you have made a comment. Be sure to do the word verification below. I know when I first started I had typed in comments & some didn't go because I think I missed something further down in the section. They are not all the same so you really have to make sure you get everything checked. I still find it easy to miss something in some of the comment set-ups.......

  2. This is driving me batty. I just wrote a comment on Tin TeePee/Log Cabin's Blog and as usual It did not take. I took some screen shots to show you what it looks like but have no idea how to get them in here :-( The same type of comment box comes up on Willy's Blog and a few others just like it and I cannot post on any of them. Very frustrating. It's not so much that my valuable :-) comments don't show but that I CANNOT do it. Grrrrrr

  3. How about taking the zipper out of the jacket and getting someone else to put it in. DeCorso's has two different people that tailor for them and they aren't that expensive. With a new zipper you could get some use out of your nice jacket.