Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shopping Day

I have been very tired today and fell asleep in my chair after lunch. I cannot remember that happening before. I pulled myself together and went shopping. I NEED a pair of shoes for this time of year. I hate shopping for shoes and true to form, I did not find anything. That is partly due to the fact that I don't know what I want :-(  Now I have to get in the mood all over again. When I was young I loved shopping for clothes and yes, even shoes but the money was in short supply. Now I can afford to buy and don't feel like it any longer.
It was quite cold again this morning when we woke up and it did not warm up a lot. While I was in Superstore it started to rain. The weatherman said that it will be like this for the next little while. I guess winter is coming slowly but surely. I just hope we don't get as much snow as last year and not for as long as last year.
When I took the desktop 3000 back that I bought a few weeks ago and did not like  I forgot to pack the installation CD for the mouse. I took that back today too. I think they just put the desktop back on the shelf because the salesman said he hoped that nobody bought it yet!!
Now I will see what the TV has in store for this evening. I normally don't find anything so it will probably be another reading evening.

Have a nice evening.


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