Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raining today with a little sunshine

A quick Blog tonight because I still don’t feel too well. I managed to make a good meal and do a bit of house work but that’s it.

While resting on the couch I was thinking of all kinds of things that I could write in my Blog but now it’s all gone. Darn. I should have a little booklet with me.

I usually use to make my shopping list. One sheet of printer paper lasted 2 months for me. Before I always had little pieces of paper all over the place and usually lost them when I really needed that list. Now I have no more problems, that is IF I remember to stick that little booklet in my purse.

Enough of that.

Good Night to all



  1. Just wear a shirt with a pocket in it. Pen & notepad fit into pocket & go with you everywhere....always. I've been doing that for about 25 years now. Works great & you get to wear a lot of shirts with pockets in them:)) Are you still having problems leaving comments on some posts??

  2. Good advice, I will keep a notebook handy. Yes I still cannot comment on the sites like Wandering Willy's, Tin TeePee and all the ones with that type of comment box. I have no idea why not. Any advice would be appreciated.