Friday, October 16, 2009

Cannot post comments on some Blogs


This has been frustrating me for some time. There are several Blogs that I want to comment on but my comments end up somewhere in cyberspace but not on the Blog. Here are some screen shots of what I see when I click on “Comment” I write my comment, then click on “Comments” and “Select Profile” Click on “Google Account”

Capture 1

I then click on “Post Comment” and poof it’s gone. I am always signed in to my Google Account. I

On the other hand there are Blogs that I CAN comment on. They look like this:

Capture 3

I never have any problems with this type of comment box. I would love to find out what I can do about this. It bugs me when the internet defies me. Help!!


  1. Hi Vera, a few bloggers are reporting a similar problem. It is usually caused by a setting in Firefox, but it is easily corrected. If you are using Firefox, just click on "Tools, Options, the the "Privacy" icon. Look down the pop-up window and you'll probably see that "Accept third-party cookies" is not checked. Check the box, click on o.k. and that should fix the problem you are having.

    Please post a comment following this if this works so others will know how to fix it as well, o.k.

  2. Further to my above comment, Vera has advised me that the above solution did work and that she can now comment on the blogs she was unable to before.

  3. Thanks, Rick. I can now post on those Blogs. Sure great to be able to get that off my mind.

  4. Vera, see how lucky we all are to have Rick. He always seems to be there for all when asked.

    You are the best Rick, Keep up the great work.

  5. Always a nice feeling to have these irritating computer glitches resolved & so great to be in touch with folks who know how to resolve them:))