Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Rain

It is finally raining here. I don’t really like to see it but I know we really need it. The woods have been so very dry.

I am very glad that the problem of comments has been solved by Rick and want to thank him very much.

We had a new problem today though. Actually it started last night when the 3 month old Acer 23” monitor lost color and faded almost to nothing. We played with the settings for awhile but could not fix it. This morning we tried again but in the end gave up and Cliff took it back to Staples. Of course the guaranty was finished but he was able to hammer out a deal and he now has a new monitor. I have decided that I will not buy another Acer product. My first laptop was an Acer and it had monitor problems too. The second laptop was also an Acer and in less than 3 years I had to have a new hard drive installed. It is now only limping along and slower than molasses in January. Now the problem with this Monitor, so that’s it. I have learned my lesson.

It’s quite a slow day today and I don’t feel like doing too much. Just playing a bit on the computer, that’s it. Maybe I will listen to my book. Somehow I don’t even want to do that.

Hope everybody else is feeling fine



  1. Hi Vera;I just found your blog.Sometimes I'm a little slow,(mentally that is.).I tried clicking on your image in my readers section before, but couldn't raise anything until I found you in Ricks,"blogs I follow" list.Great blog.

  2. I'm glad you got your comment problem fixed. Thanks for the tip re Acer products. Good to know.