Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rain, Fog, Sun

We had all of that today. Early this morning I helped my friend to bottle 60 bottles of wine. It did not take us very long. It rained when we took the empty bottles into the store but when we came out it was nice. I also mailed a letter for my daughter's birthday. She will be happy to hear that. When I came home it was time to cook lunch. Since that is our main meal of the day it took a while to prepare. The rest of the day was pretty boring so there is not much to write about.                                                 When I downloaded the new Skype I found out I had 1.05 Euro free Skype Credit again. Last time I let it go to waste but this time I figured I better try it so I called my sister-in-law on her landline. I was surprised how good the connection was, just as good as if I had used my normal phone. I am impressed. Now I am sorry I did not use the free credit to call Germany, although since I have YAK as my long distance carrier it is not expensive either. I remember a long distance call from Calgary to Germany around 1962 was about $ 2.50 pre minute!! Needless to say I did not phone but once a year. It sure is nice to be able to make long distance calls without looking at the clock. About 10 years ago the only quick communication with friends and family was the phone but now it's email. I really like email it lets me keep in touch.                                                                  That's it for tonight.


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  1. We use Skype while traveling but have to keep a close eye on our Verizon 5GB monthly bandwidth limit. We don't use the webcam much because it gobbles up our megabytes to fast.