Monday, October 19, 2009

The usual Monday job

Working on that this morning I was reminded that I don’t like my new washer. It was February 2008 when our washer finally did it’s last job and was NOT going to work any longer. Sometimes it is not so great when the Man of the house is good at fixing things. We had half of this washer for over 30 years, the other half belonged to a neighbor that handed it over to us. Hubby made one of the two and it worked for another 2 years but it was finally toast. So off we went through slush and rain to look for a washer. We stopped at the first store and saw a Maytag Neptune front loader that was on special. Fellow told us it was a great machine. We were in a hurry because we had half washed clothes at home. (Should have taken them to a Laundromat) We drove back home, picked up the old truck and hauled the thing home. Cliff installed it and when it was done I realized that the darn washer did NOT have a window!!! I could not believe that I had overlooked that. Now I never know if I have not enough or too much soap in there. I don’t really like front loaders now, did not realize how much longer they take to wash a load but I am stuck with it to the bitter end. I have never seen another front loader without a window. At home I looked up the model on the Internet and found out that that particular model had been around for awhile and lots of people had trouble with it. All kinds of faults. There even was a class action suit against Maytag over it that had not been resolved. Never again will I buy something like that without checking it out thoroughly but we were in a hurry so maybe it serves us right. I must say though that so far I have not had any problem with it except that sometimes it smells a little odd after doing a wash and that’s why I like to do all of it on one day. It takes a lot more time than a top load washer.

That is my sob story for today. On the other hand it was another stellar day. Warm and sunny. We had a good meal and play time on the computer, so what’s not to like!!

That’s it, good night  0058


  1. Just be comforted with the fact that front loaders use less water and soap,Vera.

  2. As long as you use high efficiency (HE) soap, which is low sudsing, and run cleaning cycles with Affresh cleaner periodically, your machine shouldn't give too much trouble.

  3. Anonymous, thanks for that tip. I shall try it. I always use the he Tide.

  4. See if your Neptune has a timer knob. There is a video about the faulty door latch wax motor issue.

  5. Thanks Jeff, so far I have no problem with the washer. I think it was built after they changed the model a bit. Mine is electronic, so no knobs. The door fits great. Hope it stays good.

  6. Sounds like the same washer Wendy has, and she has trouble with stinky laundry as well, so she has to do a clean mode every now and then...Our new front load, the energy star rating said that it would use $11 of electricity a year, in normal household use...I really like it, yeah the laundry takes way longer, but the dryer is short, as most of the moisure is gone...
    Enjoy the sunshine, it is a fabulous day here, hope to mow the lawn, one more time!!
    Take Care