Monday, October 5, 2009

New keyboard and mouse

Today I fulfilled a wish I had for a long time. A new wireless keyboard and mouse. “Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000” I still have to install it. I don’t like doing that, it’s nerve-racking for me :-) Maybe tomorrow.

The squash is all tucked into the cold room and it gets crowded in there. In the next few days we will have to gather up the rutabagas and beets and then I have to find room for them too. BIG job. I better do that soon because it might freeze in the garden any day now. Other than being cold at night the weather has been outstanding, sunny and warm. Cliff finished grinding up all the vines. They should compost fast now. Pretty soon the garden will be done and then what will I blog about???

The usual Monday jobs got done. Since nothing interesting happened today I quit writing now.

Good night.



  1. Tried out Tin Tee Pee's comment box this morning again & it worked OK. Each post won't show up right away though because it has to be approved first. Ive noticed on some blogger comment areas that I have to really look closely for the 'post a comment' line.

    Does wireless really mean 'no wires' or is just more of a term??

  2. There are no wires on the keyboard or mouse. I installed it and it works great. I left a comment on Wandering Willy's Blog and it does not show up. I have no idea why not.