Monday, October 26, 2009

Same old, same old.....

I don't even want to mention 'laundry" but that is what Mondays is all about. Even though the sun was out quite a bit it was a dryer day.
I finally cleaned up the old freezer and now we will have to think what to do with it. Cliff may want to keep it for some "dry" storage but I would rather have it gone. Since we bought a new energy star freezer we get to apply for $ 25.00 from BC Hydro. I downloaded the application form from the internet and scanned the receipt. Now I have to send it all off. I really like the new freezer. The inside is all plastic or Fiberglas and easy to clean but the best thing is that it is frost free and another good feature is the big light inside when the door is open. After throwing out the old food there is not much in the freezer now. Good thing it is only small and not the size of the old one. We used to freeze lots of gallon jugs of ice and blue ice packs when we had the sailboat. It only had an ice box and we used to sail for days at a time and needed to haul lots of ice for the fish we caught. Of course a lot of that was then kept frozen too.
Years ago we used to be on the go all the time, sailing in the summer and RVing in the winter. There was hardly time for the garden because we sometimes took trips with the sailboat that lasted several weeks. Now we have stayed at home for the last few Summers and Winters. First the sailboat went and last Summer we sold the 5th wheel. Hopefully something interesting will come up one of these days.
Pretty soon I shall buy some Halloween treats. I have to do that in the last minute because having that stuff in the house is no good, too many rats live here!!!
As it is we usually don't get any kids calling only once in a blue moon but you never know. Besides that, if nobody shows, the rats can eat all the candy!!!! They  have to hang on until 7 PM but then there will be a mad dash to the candy bowl. I could be handing out some quarters in case we have visitors, but the rats don't like leftover quarters :-)
That's all folks,
Good night.

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