Sunday, October 11, 2009

Painting the Balcony railing

We had the whole summer to do this but somehow everything else was more important At least it’s done now but just at the very last minute because it may rain tomorrow.

For the last few mornings we had a fire in the fireplace. We get up, Cliff makes the fire and I brew the coffee and make our porridge for breakfast. Those are great comfy mornings. It is amazing how much time we can spend staring into the fire. It was quite cold today and we ended up with another fire at night while watching 60Minutes on TV. They had a segment on Football. I am sure glad nobody in my family plays Rugby or Football. Too many head injuries and a lot of the players end up with early onset of Alzheimer’s from Concussions while playing. I never liked those Sports or Boxing and Ice Hockey. Too physical and people get hurt too much.

I picked a lot of beets yesterday and that is a good thing because we had our first frost overnight. I also picked the rest of the beans to keep for seed and soup in the winter. After that the bean poles came down and now we can prepare the ground for the winter. Last year we left a lot of beets in the ground but they did not taste good maybe that was due to the very cold winter we had here. I sure hope it will not be so cold this winter. We still have tomatoes in the garden but they are under a cloche. The lettuce is still doing fine outside but our Dahlias are finished. There were a lot of flowers left yesterday but the frost got to them, so no more flowers on the table.

We had a nice time today and now I am tired.

Good night !


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  1. I agree with you about the sports. I've never been a sports person. It all just seems kinda dumb to me somehow.