Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To buy or not to buy ???

After lunch I went to Country Grocer for some milk. I saw all the Halloween goodies piled high. I was greedily looking at them and picked some up already. The devil on my shoulder said: Buy it buy it, but the angel on the other shoulder would not let me. Thanks, Angel!!!
It did not take me long to get back home because I had a really good book that only had one quarter left to go. I just now finished it. I am so glad that I did not do what I often do, that is read about 30 pages and then sneak a look at the end. I have been pretty good about that lately. It was a murder mystery by Linwood Barclay "Too close to Home" . Lots of twists and turns and quite believable. I already read "No time for Goodbye" by the same author.
This morning it was only -1C on our outside thermometer. We are now totally into heating the house. Early in the morning the upstairs fireplace gets started and shortly after the insert in the downstairs fireplace is next. I like looking into the fire but I can waste an awful lot of time doing that.We have our one and only cup of coffee for the day at that time, so that is OK.
Our garden lies lower than the house and when I picked some lettuce this afternoon I still found a few ice crystals in the leaves. Grrrrrrrrr. Reminds me of January around Yuma when the TV announcer mentions "lettuce Ice" until 10 AM or later. It is amazing that lettuce can stand that low a temperature. 
I guess there is nothing else I can talk about. It was just a normal day.
Good night everybody :-)


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  1. Lettuce ice?? Or, lettuce just put on our ice skates & go for a skate around the pond:))