Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yes, Yes, Yes

I found a pair of shoes today!!! I am a happy camper. We went to Canadian tire to exchange a hammer that did not stand the test of time. I dropped into Mark's Work Wearhouse which is in the same building. I had seen some shoes in their flyer. I was surprised to find something that fit perfectly.
We still had some money left on a gift card that Paul sent us and used that to have a Big Mac. Yes, I know some of you will turn up your noses but we really like them :-)  We usually go maybe once or twice a year. Other than that we try to eat healthy. Which does not always work.
Cliff bought a lopper that cuts through sticks as big as 1 1/4 inch wood. That will come in handy for clean-up outside. He tried them out already and is thrilled with the result. Hmmmmmmmm, I like my shoes better!!
Tonight is an early Blog, because we will get company and afterwards I probably don't feel like writing.
I wish I could write about more exciting things, but staying home for the winter is just a bit boring. This is the weekend we would have started our trip South. Makes me sad to think about it.
Good bye everyone

shoes 002 cropped

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