Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall is here

When I looked at the thermometer by my kitchen window this morning I got a real shock...It was minus 4 C. Oh oh....... lots of tomatoes still in the garden and the apples still on both trees, beets in the ground and lettuce unprotected. We had our job cut out for today but all went well. The apples needed to be picked anyhow because we have some resident grey squirrels around and last year we saw them running off with apples in their mouths. I was really surprised to see that because the apples were very big. We used to have racoons hanging around that wreaked havoc with the fruit trees too but now the dog from the neighbours is running lose and he scared them away. Hurrah for the dog.

We lit a fire in the upstairs fireplace as soon as we got up and when that died down at around 11 AM we started the fire in the insert in the downstairs rec. room. I sure like the heat from a wood fire but I don’t like the mess. Dragging the vacuum cleaner up and downstairs is a pain but last year I bought a little cordless hand vacuum that works really well. There is always work to do, if not in the garden then in the house. I am glad I can still do it, It would be boring otherwise.

For the first time in awhile I had to dry my laundry in the dryer. It did not rain but I just did not want to hang the clothes on the line in this cold weather.

I hope to make it into town tomorrow to exchange this darn keyboard. The clicking of the space bar drives me batty. Maybe I revert back to my old keyboard and mouse.

I hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving weekend.



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  1. Vera, you beat me on the outdoor drying by about two weeks. we have had so much rain here, that I had to start using the dryer in late