Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bunny in the garden

This morning I picked the last of the squash.  Not a good thing for the resident bunny and friends. They must be awfully mad now. I found a lot of squash had been bitten into. We had seen the bunny from a very tender age on but could never catch it or find out where it got into the garden. We ended up with 45 larger squash and a bucket full of small ones. 3 years ago we had 98 which was way too many but we were able to give a lot away.

I just picked some more broccoli. This is the time of year I never know where to keep all the winter veggies since we don’t have a basement. One of our downstairs bedrooms doubles as a “cold room” but it is not really all that big. Also potatoes and apples don’t go well together but I am afraid they have to “play nice” this winter since there is no other place to keep them apart. The rutabagas and beets are still in the garden and have to come into the house pretty soon. I just have to spend some time and re-arrange the cold room so all has a spot in there.   

We had our friends over this afternoon and as usual had a great time. We watched a DVD that their son who is a Professor of History made about the Indian war on the Fraser River around the time of the gold rush there. It was well made and worth watching. His field of expertise is American Indian History.

Good night for now.

squash 4. Oc.09 009

squash 4. Oc.09 012


  1. Nice looking blog Vera. I hadn't realized you were doing one until this morning. Some of my days are a little slower than other:(( I'll have to do a bit of reading to get up to speed on your happenings. Take care & thanks for all the comments. I'll get back to you on the Tin Tee Pee comment question..........

  2. That's a lot of veggies, Vera - good work.