Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cookie Day

Today I finally broke down and baked some Double Spiced Ginger Cookies. It’s a recipe I have had from a boating friend a long time ago. I just love those cookies, they are nice and soft and so good you can eat the dough. I only make them rarely since I just cannot leave them alone. Already I have had so many I am about to burst. That will be the end of those cookies for a long time. I have had the urge for quite some time now and it kept building until I could not resist any longer.

While surfing the internet today I came across some interesting news. From Rick's Blog I thought that we could choose either the Sony book reader or the Kindle book reader but according to PCWorld we cannot buy Kindle book reader here in Canada. It's available in lots of other parts of the world. It must have something to do with the fact that one can go on-line with the Kindle book reader. I would think that eventually it will be available here too.


Here are a few pictures I scanned from our time in Indonesia.

This is the village of Soroako on Sulawesi formerly called Celebes


With this "INCO Otter" everybody arrived there

INCO otter

Our first Christmas there. Lots of our friends had rafts on Lake Matano and spent Sundays on those.

Christmas on the lake

here we are doing dishes after a scrumptious meal.


doing dishes

More pictures after I scan them. For today this is the end of my Blog.

Good bye :-)

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