Saturday, November 7, 2009

More of the same

I know what I am thankful for: A dry house, 3 squares and a nice warm bed. On days like these I think about the homeless people and shudder to think about sleeping outside.
We had posted our old decommissioned freezer on Cowichan freecycle and it was picked up today. I am glad somebody will get some use out of it instead of it ending up in the landfill. Some day it will go there I am sure but not just yet.  We had it standing outside under the balcony and this damp weather does not do it any good.
I went through all my photos from Indonesia this afternoon. There is a whole shopping bag full, all mixed up. I will scan a few in the next few days and add them to my Blog some day.
Tomorrow I will get a bag of 2 stewing hens that are advertised this week in one of the stores. I like to use those to make some chicken broth that I will freeze and use as base for soup when the time comes. They are not very good as far as the meat goes but the broth is great, I believe better than the store-bought kind.
Our friends seem to have come down with the flu, so there will be no get-together tomorrow. Too bad because we always have a good time.
We like to go shopping early on a Sunday. The stores are pretty empty then and we won't have to wait at the check-out, so that's what will happen tomorrow morning.
Now I will say good bye to all


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