Sunday, November 8, 2009

A walk down Memory Lane

I mentioned yesterday that I would scan some photos from our time in Indonesia and here are a few of them now. In an earlier Blog I posted some pictures of Lake Matano. Here now are some of the locally built catamaran  we were part owner of on the ocean. The  "Amat Berani" (The courageous one) was moored in the Malili River which was a drive of about an hour from where we lived.
Malili, Indonesia
The catamaran was 52 ft. long and 13 ft. wide and had a mast of 52 ft.
Raft, old
After awhile it started to need lots of repairs and the group decided to bring it to Soroako where we lived and do a refurbishing job. That was a big undertaking because it was built totally of wood and quite rotten in spots. It needed repairs  to one of the pontoons. The rotten spot was cut out and a new piece made by a local tradesman and the whole thing was put together with dowels. We all helped as much as we could, particularly in the painting of it.
workplace on raft
It took quite a large crane to hoist it on the low bed truck.
hoisting the raft
but it was done and then the long drive to Malili river started.
on the road to Malili
This was the only road and the procession took up most of it.
We were very happy when it was finally at the mooring place
time to get it in the water
and with lots of help it was lowered to the water.
 Finally back in the water 

We tried to sail on most weekends either with our friends or alone. We left Soroake around 6 in the morning on Saturdays and came back late on Sundays. When we could not go we still had the raft on Lake Matano. That was a lot of fun too but it was only in the afternoons.
For now I will bid you good night.


  1. I love the striped sails. The catamaran looks very grand out on the water!

  2. Interesting blog, Verae and great pics!

  3. Sounds like an exciting time of your life Vera:)) So nice to have travel & adventure memories like that. They will serve you well:))