Friday, November 13, 2009

Red carpet

I will never buy a red carpet again. It looks so nice in our rec. room after it has been vacuumed but........ about 10 minutes later it needs vacuuming again :-( You can see every little fluff on it. Since we have the fire going in the fireplace insert all day long, it gets lots of "stuff" while we tend to the fire. Here is a picture that I took a little while after vacuuming and you can see what I mean!

already spoiled by little bits of wood. I guess there are worse things in life but at the moment that is my pet peeve.
On the brighter side we had another great weather day even though the weatherman predicted rain. Glad he was wrong. I even went to the garden and got the rest of the beets some lettuce and  most of the leeks. I pruned the one and only rose bush we have in the garden too.
Now comes the time when I have to think about buying Christmas presents. I am glad when the parcels are sent off. 
It looks like the H1N1 influenza has peaked at least that was mentioned on the News tonight. I hope they are right. I still have not made up my mind if I will get the shot or not.  
I picked up 3 books at the library yesterday so I better start reading and get them back for other people to enjoy.
Good night everyone

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  1. Bits of wood on a red carpet!! Oh nooooooo, I hate when that happens.......:))