Thursday, November 5, 2009

A drive to Chemainus

It rained cats and dogs when we drove to Chemainus today at least on some stretches. There are a few spots on the road where our Honda likes to water plane but we made it OK. On the way home we did a bit of shopping and later on visited our friend again. He likes the company. He is really getting bored because he is normally a very industrious person.
I made a big pot of pea soup for lunch enough for 3 meals. I always like to have meals in the freezer for days when I am too busy to cook. 
Sitting at the computer I sometimes forget time and place so I have to use a timer. Sometimes though I go from room to room and cannot hear it so that I am still getting into trouble like forgetting to put wood on the fire or forgetting to shut off the burner on the stove ending up with burnt offerings. Now I added a string to my timer and have it with me all the time :-)
DSC01620 [50%] 

I hope you like my new "necklace"
Rick's Blog today made my mouth water for the new Windows 7. Particularly the "Snap" feature. I could use that so often. A few minutes ago I made some birthday cards and used several windows at a time. Sure would have been nice to easily open 2 of them side by side. I can do it now but it takes more time. One day!!!
Time to watch TV for awhile.



  1. Thanks for the mention, Verae! I should get one of those 'necklace' timer things for myself. I could sure use it sometimes!

  2. Can't you just get the program and install it in your computer?

  3. sure I could, Nicki, but I hate to do that on a fairly new computer. My Vista is working fine so far. I'll wait until I need a new computer.