Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Steak lunch

I am so pleased with our George Foreman grill. It is only the small one but I have been using it quite a bit. There is only hubby and I, so it is big enough. The steaks tuned out to perfection which was a surprise because my cooking skills as far as steak is concerned have not been sterling. Normally they are either over- or undercooked.
Grilling the steaks reminded me of a time in Indonesia when we only got low grade meat at our "toko", the expat store at our little village. Buying meat at the local market was out of the question, even the best cuts were tough as anything. One of our friends decided we should order meat from the States so we all signed up and bought filet steak. From then on everybody grilled filet steak at our Sunday sailings on the ocean and lake. We soon got tired of that too and just wanted to have a good old hamburger. We ended up grinding the steak to make ground beef and then had our hamburgers. It sure sounds like sacrilege to me now.
Getting back to the book I have from the library about windows 7 I saw that the library has 6 copies and only 2 people are ordering one, so I decided to keep it for awhile and poke around in it. I must say that reading it and also reading Rick's Blog it looks better and better all the time. I wish I was in the market for a new computer but mine is only a little over a year old, so a new one is out for now.  I am really surprised that there is not more demand for the book.
We had a great run of nice weather but that is supposed to stop tomorrow. The forecast is wrong quite often, so I hope it is wrong for tomorrow too.
For tonight I bid you all adieu.


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